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Rowan is 10 years old and has been attending CFCE for 6 years.

He has Spina Bifida and a question about everything!

Rowan’s mom says: “There are several specific areas where we have seen growth and development in Rowan as a result of his consistent attendance at CFCE. The group therapy approach has been a motivator and encouragement for Rowan. Goals are jointly developed between the parent and the therapy team to make Rowan more independent in his daily life. Rowan has gained significant confidence in his ability to use his legs in the past year. We have seen significant improvement in the use of his walker, to the point that he rarely uses his wheelchair.  Not only is he improving his gross motor skills, but he is also learning every day skills such as dressing himself, brushing teeth, and making a snack.


Brenna is 17 years old and has been attending CFCE for 14 years!

Brenna is autistic and has spastic cerebral palsy

In class, Brenna is working on strengthening her legs after surgery on her knees, building her confidence, walking with canes, improving her spatial reasoning skills, and interacting with her peers. Brenna’s mom says: “Brenna loves the social aspect of CE and seeing everyone: conductors, aides, and children. Even though she’s getting older, Brenna still enjoys the songs and games that go along with the routine. We appreciate that the conductors know her so well and respect her abilities while always reconsidering and modifying their approach as she grows and her needs change."



Naomi is 13 years old and has been attending CFCE for almost 5 years.

She was born with schizencephaly resulting in mixed tone cerebral palsy. Naomi and her brother, Laz, both attend CFCE. Naomi is quick to smile and help out by keeping the other kids in check during class. She always works hard and loves to do things independently. Naomi is building her strength and stamina through CE and is learning ways to use her body to do the things she wants to do. She loves getting to be with her friends every week!

IMG_3172.jpg Maddie

Maddie is 8 years old and has been attending CFCE for three years.

Maddie has Pitt Hopkins Syndrome and a mischievous smile.

Maddie’s parents describe her experience: “Madeleine had the pleasure of starting Conductive Ed in July at the intense 3-week long, 5-day a week, 6-hour a day summer camp. During camp Maddie developed her strength, confidence and abilities in not only learning to walk, but all areas of her life. She started to feed herself, participate in her self-care routines such as dressing and undressing, communicating with her family and friends by utilizing her talker AND taking up to 6 unassisted steps! To say the least, it was a big summer for Madeleine. So much progress was made at summer camp that we did all we could to rearrange her packed therapy schedule to allow for weekly group CE classes and private at home sessions. After only 4 weeks of group classes, Maddie is now reliably taking up to 12 controlled, unassisted steps, often to reach something she’s been longing to play with for years. We love how the independence  Maddie is gaining through the help of CE is uncovering more and more of her personality."



Keagan is 9 years old and has been attending CFCE over 3 years.

Keagan has a TBI and a cheerful laugh.

When Keagan began CFCE he had a very hard time staying in the group because of his sensory sensitivities. His first week of camp our goal for him was to stay in the group for 10 minutes at a time. After 3 weeks of camp and several months of after school classes, Keagan is able to stay in the group nearly 100% of the class. During camp, Keagan took his first independent steps. He is now walking up to 40ft independently! Keagan is usually excited to come to class and always greets his classmates with a cheerful “HI!” He also recently was able to attend a ski day and ski for the first time. Keagan loved skiing and is looking forward to going again."


Zak, 15, has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, and he’s been a regular at CFCE’s program ever since he was two-years-old.

Zak's parents write: "We tried the gamut of traditional western therapies and even some alternatives to help Zak in any way we could to give him the tools for a successful life. But the one amazing therapy/lifestyle that ended up trumping everything else is Conductive Education. CE gives him the tools to stretch the boundaries of his abilities. The program instills confidence, independence, strength and social skills that he takes with him in everyday life. He always gets excited to go to class and loves to do the best he can with any task presented. Through CFCE, Zak walks short distances, tackles new challenges, and learns to advocate for himself. His favorite activity is the stretching program. CFCE is a life-altering resource that has boundless benefits in his life. Every parent desires the best for their child, and we are grateful to have the best therapy through CFCE. They even offer music therapy where Zak enjoys working with Ms. Courtney to expand his gift of perfect pitch. Since the CFCE program is multi-disciplinary and intensive, it’s actually the only therapy center he attends, and one that fits all his needs."

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