Family Services

CFCE is dedicated to providing holistic intervention for families. To this end, we offer a range of services to families outside of our camps and classes. 


Home Assessments and School Visits 

Our goal is for the skills a child learns in class to be useful in their day-to-day lives. To help in transferring new skills as well as increase overall independence in the home and at school we offer free home assessments and school visits to the families in our program. Seeing a child's home and school environment gives us a better picture of their needs and abilities. During home visits we offer suggestions for simple changes a family can make to areas of the home to make them more accessible for their child. When a family is considering remodeling we work together with them to create a design that is most beneficial for their child's safety and independence. At school visits we work with aides and teachers to ensure the classroom environment is fostering active engagement and train aides in hands on skills such as transferring, toileting, and use of standers and walkers.


Parent Education

We may see a child for a few hours each week but it is parents who, with their children, create habits that will be used day-in and day-out. This is why we consider it vital to educate parents about Conductive Education and maintain open communication about the progress their child is making in class. We offer days for parents to join sessions to learn more about our approach as well as parent and child classes for our preschool groups. We are always prepared to spend time with our families before and after class processing, brainstorming, and offering advice and assistance.


Parent Groups

We want to help families connect with one another in meaningful ways. No one better understands what parents of children with special needs are experiencing than other parents of special needs kids! Our families enjoy the many spontaneous conversations that occur during drop off and pick-up. We also create opportunities for families to get to know each other through Family Days during summer camp and on site coffee dates for parents. Our desire is to create an environment where relationships between our families develop through both structured get togethers and spontaneous ones.


Collaboration and Cooperation with other Programs and Therapies

We are aware that your child most likely has multiple therapists in their life. We desire to work alongside other professionals by maintaining open dialogue with them and incorporating goals your child has in other programs into ours. We are always happy to reach out to your PT/OT/SLT/Surgeon etc., to offer our insight and listen to theirs. We also attend IEPs and medical appointments. Working together is the best way to ensure your child reaches their potential.