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What do we work on?

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Mobility and Balance


Flexibility and Range of Motion

Communication and Speech

Social Development

Daily Living Skills

Problem Solving

Group Environment

Our after school groups are a unique environment for children with disabilities. Group work provides a variety of benefits including: the opportunity for social interaction, increased motivation, healthy competition, peer support, and scaffolding (the opportunity for each child to learn from others and teach others). Our groups are typically comprised of 4 to 8 kids with a staff to child ratio of 1-1 or 1-2. The group creates a dynamic atmosphere for learning that increases motivation, which is instrumental for success. Children are often willing to try activities in a group that may be too intimidating in a 1-to-1 setting. Each child’s individual goals are addressed within a group environment.


"CFCE provides a safe, fun and caring environment for Rowan. The variety of physical activity, crafts, songs, and games is very enjoyable for him. He legitimately enjoys CFCE, and that’s not always the case in therapy programs." - Stephanie, Rowan's mom


Our Classes

Classes are held in Loveland and Arvada.

Groups: Low, Mid, and High mobility


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