School Readiness

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What do we work on?

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Expressive Language

Basic Educational Concepts

Mobility and Balance

Strength and Endurance

Flexibility and Range of Motion

Communication and Speech

Social Skills

Daily Living Skills

Problem Solving


Unique Approach

This program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6 months to eight years. The program emphasizes determining the best way to support the physical and academic learning of each child. This is done through a combination of direct intervention and collaboration with teachers and paras to implement techniques into a school setting. As with our other programs, the School Readiness Program uses holistic principles and methods of Conductive Education to teach motor skills (including movement strategy and self-care skills), improve problem solving, develop personality (social and emotional) and promote independence and takes place in a groups setting of 4-6 children. Educational concepts are  carefully incorporated into the sessions. The School Readiness Program is appropriate for those not yet in a formal school setting as well as those who are.

Our School Readiness Classes

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